The Ram Pledge

Each of Us Caring for the Whole of Us

As a member of the Fordham community, I take the following actions on and off campus to help safeguard the students, faculty, and staff at the University:

  • I will follow University and public health guidance regarding the COVID-19 and seasonal influenza vaccines (accommodations will be considered for those who request them);
  • I will follow the directions of University officials regarding face coverings, testing, screening, and quarantine (if necessary), and cooperate with the University‚Äôs contact tracing efforts, if called upon to do so;
  • I will self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms, and complete daily VitalCheck screenings;
  • I will comply with all signage and rules regarding access to campus buildings and ingress, egress, and seating in those buildings;
  • I will abide by University protocol for campus visitors, and will ask them to provide vaccination status and submit to COVID-19 screening as required by Fordham officials; and
  • I understand that COVID-19 still poses a serious threat to health and safety and that Fordham is continuing to take appropriate measures to protect the campus community.

I will make conscious choices, on and off-campus, to help to limit the spread of COVID-19 to others in the community. I will act in the spirit of a person for others, knowing that I am helping to protect the campus community from illness.