Entrepreneurial Law

Sharpen your analysis and strengthen your entrepreneurial legal skills in the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic.

In the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, you will be assisting early stage, traditional start-ups and social enterprises with a range of legal issues.

As a member of the ELC, you will provide transactional legal services to clients and participate in community outreach to educate entrepreneurs about legal issues.

Practicing in the New York Metropolitan area, where the entrepreneurial spirit exists on every street corner, you will work with clients to form entities, structure incentive compensation for founders, protect clients' intellectual property rights, help clients build their workforce, as well as draft shareholder, operating, vendor, customer, lease and/or employment agreements.

The work is careful, demanding and extremely important for our clients. It's also terribly exciting for you.

Whether you take this clinic because you want to go into this area of law or whether you wish to improve your critical thinking and business analytical skills -- significant dividends will be yours throughout your legal career.

It will provide important, practical opportunities for law and business students to learn about entrepreneurship—and how the tools of entrepreneurship can advance social justice.

Matthew Diller, Dean, Fordham Law School

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