Rose Hill Campus Resident Assistant Position

The Resident Assistant position at Fordham University at Rose Hill is an integral part of the operation of fourteen on and off-campus residential facilities and the Office of Residential Life at Rose Hill. The Resident Assistant position is a ten-month position beginning in August and ending in May. The specific dates are based on the academic year calendar.

Resident Assistant to Student Relationships

  • Build individual relationships with residents from the beginning of the academic year.
  • Visit each apartment on an ongoing basis building relationships with residents while gaining a sense of the dynamics within each apartment.
  • Work with residents in setting up cleaning schedules and other operational guidelines to help ensure a comfortable living experience for residents.
  • Conduct opening floor meetings to explain all policies and procedures, discuss programming ideas and, promote community development.
  • Hold periodic floor meetings during the semester to discuss areas of improvement and growth for the community.
  • Provide Residential Life resources to assist residents with problems or concerns with their living environment.
  • Maintain presence in the building for residents' needs.
  • Advise students on academic, social, and University-related issues.
  • Refer residents to the appropriate personnel in case of psychological and medical emergencies.
  • Build a community of respect that helps residents feel safe and comfortable while residing in the residence hall

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Be present and participate in mandatory training sessions in August and January, as well as attend staff development activities throughout the semester.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Participate in all move-in and move-out dates at the beginning and end of both semesters.
  • Complete all necessary paperwork such as Room Condition Reports (RCRs), Occupancy Reports, and programming paperwork.
  • Assist the Office of Residential Life at Rose Hill in implementing all ongoing assessment efforts.
  • Provide information on and participate in the Residential Life Room Selection Process.
  • Provide any necessary information to residents on an ongoing basis as well as in emergency situations.
  • Educate residents on keeping their rooms and apartments clean and safe.
  • Provide assistance during fire alarm activation including help with crowd control and other assistance as needed.
  • Report any security concerns, including unauthorized entry into residence hall or apartments, underage alcohol use, drug use, theft, or other violations.
  • Educate students to be responsible for their own safety by being aware of the environment around them.
  • Obligations other than the Resident Assistant position may not exceed 38 hours per week. This includes registered course hours, academic/non-academic internships and all extracurricular activities. With the exception of academic coursework, no one activity outside of the residential life position should exceed 20 hours per week. Using these guidelines, it will be the responsibility of the supervisor(s) to evaluate the availability of the Resident Assistant who will provide a schedule outlining classes, extracurricular activities, internships, and jobs to the Resident Director Staff, and communicate any changes as they arise.
  • Additional responsibilities and expectations as assigned (primarily determined by, but not limited to, the needs of the staff, resident population, and/or the Central Office.

Policies and Procedures

  • Serve as a role model at all times, including on campus and off campus. This includes adhering to all University policies, including those dealing with drugs and alcohol.
  • Enforce University policies and procedures in the residence hall.
  • Help in educating the residents regarding University and Residential Life policies and procedures.
  • Document any policy violations in the residence hall.
  • Respond to any emergencies within the residence hall and notify the appropriate University personnel.
  • Develop an environment on your floor(s) that provides a respectful, safe, and secure atmosphere for residents.
  • Support and cooperate with other University offices and personnel.

Duty Responsibilities

  • Participate in On-Duty rotation which includes Resident Hall Office coverage, rounds of the building, answering telephones, distributing guest passes and other duties as assigned. Duty rotation includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Easter, President's Day, Columbus Day, Spring Break, St. Patrick's Day, and any other vacation periods that accompany these holidays.
  • Complete rounds of the building as determined by daily operational requirements. "Weekday" is defined as Sunday night through Thursday night. "Weekend" is defined as Friday night and Saturday night.
  • Distribute guest passes when on duty and assist in monitoring the guest pass process.
  • Weekend and holiday duty is 24 hours and all Resident Assistants must assume weekend and holiday duty coverage. This will be determined at the time when Resident Assistants complete assigning duty coverage during August and January trainings.
  • Staff is required to work during Fall Openings and Closings as well as during the opening and closing of each semester. Resident Assistants contracts end after Spring Commencement.


  • Plan, execute, and evaluate a minimum of fourteen strong, high-quality programs each semester based upon their building-specific programming model. The programs should include faculty, University, and other community members.
  • Maintain a positive working relationship with Jesuits-in-Residence and the Faculty in Residence, including incorporating them into the community through involvement in programming within the residence hall.
  • Work with the Office of Student Involvement and Residence Hall Association in coordinating well-planned programs.
  • Carefully plan and budget programming funds available for each semester.
  • Coordinate continual community development and social programs throughout the semester.
  • All programming requirements and timelines will be set by the Resident Directors based on the particular needs of the community.

Training and Development

  • Resident Assistants must be available during the last two or three weeks in August and a few days before the start of Spring Semester in January. Training is a 24-hour commitment. These dates will be reviewed and updated each year by the Assistant Director of Residential Life for Leadership, Development and Training on the basis of the academic calendar. Resident Assistants must attend two out of three/four in-services during each semester. There will be a mid-year Evaluation of the Resident Assistant job performance.
  • The Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life and the Assistant Director of Residential Life for Leadership, Development and Training, in collaboration with the Resident Directors, reserve the right to terminate a Resident Assistant at any time during the year if a Resident Assistant's performance is inadequate and contrary to reasonable expectations.


  • Report any facilities concerns, such as vandalism in common areas or follow up with outstanding concerns by residents
  • Perform semester inspections of student apartments as part of educating students on keeping their apartments clean.
  • Complete basic maintenance or custodial tasks in an emergency situation until the facilities staff is available.


  • Report any emergency situations or security violations and encourage students to do the same.
  • Work cooperatively with all security officers and supervisors.
  • Help in the education of residents regarding safety and security procedures on and around campus.
  • Report any potential activation of security/fire equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire panels, exterior doors, fire doors, pull stations, elevators, etc.
  • Monitor and evaluate the general security of the residence hall.

If you are interested in joining our team, please click on the link below. If you have any questions about the position, or about Residential Life at Rose Hill, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 718-817-3080.