Celebrate Our Dodransbicentennial!

Our story is the story of generations of students, educators, and alumni who believed in the power of a Fordham education to transform lives—and who gave heart and voice to our guiding principle: wisdom and learning in the service of others.

Look forward to a year of special events, exhibits, and programs that highlight our history and influence as the Jesuit University of New York.

We’re also marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of three of our graduate schools: Arts and Sciences, Education, and Social Service.

*What’s a dodransbicentennial?

A bicentennial is a 200th anniversary. But what’s a dodrans? It’s Latin for three quarters of an as, an ancient Roman coin, or a whole unit less one-quarter. In this case, the whole unit is a century. So a dodransbicentennial is a quarter of a century less than a bicentennial. In other words, a 175th anniversary.

Above: A panoramic view of the Rose Hill campus in 1846 illustrated by William Rodrigue, brother-in-law of Fordham's founder, Archbishop John Hughes.