Budget Operations

Departmental Charge Backs

Departmental charge backs are expenses charged to a department for support services provided by other departments. For example, the Fordham Duplicating Center provides on campus printing. In general, the department that provides the service pays for the start-up expenditures associated with providing the service. Once a service has been provided, the cost is charged back to the department. The department that provides the service sends the Controller’s Office a listing of the charges which are then posted to the appropriate account code on individual department budget. Other examples of charge backs are telephone, postage and copy cards.

Open Encumbrances and Budget Balance

When the Procurement Office enters a purchase order in Banner Finance, it appears as an encumbrance/open commitment and decreases the account balance available. The encumbrance remains open until final payment is made against the order or the encumbrance is closed/liquidated by the Procurement Office. In order to ensure that an encumbrance is closed and any remaining balance is returned to the budget, it is important to indicate “final payment” when approving the final invoice related to a particular purchase order.

Financial Manager Change

In general, financial manager changes are authorized by the appropriate area vice president or dean. An e-mail from the dean or area vice president’s office to the Budget Office is sufficient documentation for the change. The Budget Office may also make changes based on knowledge of personnel changes.

Banner Finance Rule Class Codes Listing

Major transaction codes appearing on detail reports may include:

BD01, BD02 Journal Entry-Budget Transfer/Allocation/Fiscal Year Opening Balance
CR05 Cash Receipt
CORD, PORD Encumbrance
JE15, JE16 Journal Entry-Debit/Credit Transactions
HGNL, HENA Payroll Entry
CNNI, INNC, INEI, INNI Accounts Payable

Requesting Banner Finance Viewing Access

Request viewing access via the Tech Help Tab of the University Portal.

Month End Close – Finance Budget Balance Available

You may review this data either via Self Service Banner or by accessing the Finance Budget Balance Available Report (for Fund 11001 and multi-year funds 12*, 2*, 7* and agency funds) on the reporting dashboard.