Chapter One: General Governance Matters

§2-01.01 - Name

The legal name of the corporation is Fordham University (hereinafter called the "University") a corporation chartered by the legislature of the State of New York on April 10, 1846 (the "Original Charter"). The Original Charter constituted the original Trustees and their successors, with the right of perpetual succession, a body corporate, the said corporation to be in all respects a university. The Original Charter was subsequently amended by action of the Board of Regents on March 7, 1907, November 19, 1931, December 16, 1955, October 25, 1968, March 20, 1987, September 4, 2003, and December 14, 2021 (the Original Charter and all subsequent amendments thereto shall be referred to herein as the "Charter").

§2-01.02 - Location

The location of the principal office of the University is New York City, New York.

§2-01.03 - Purpose

The purpose of the University, as set forth in the Charter, shall be the promotion of education.

§2-01.04 - Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the University shall begin the first day of July and end the last day of June in each year.

§2-01.05 - Seal of the University

The seal of the University shall be in the form indicated hereunder and shall be used in the authentication of deeds, contracts and other legal instruments in the formal conduct of the corporate business of the University. It shall also be attached to diplomas and other like instruments requiring authentication in the conduct of academic affairs of the University.