2022-2023 Action Plan

Rose Hill Student Reading in Plaza in Front of Keating Hall.

The pervading quality necessary for all who undertake the work of environmental sustainability at Fordham is hope. It is with a sense of urgency, but also with a sense of bold optimism that we set out a strategic action plan for the academic year. 

  1. Launch a Laudato Si’ Communications Campaign.
  2. Hire a Sustainability Director
  3. Convene an AY22-23 Laudato Si’ Advisory Committee
  4. Join Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating SystemTM (STARS®)
  5. Host first international sustainability conference in Summer 2023.
  6. Pilot 10 environmental sustainability community engaged learning courses.
  7. Pilot 2 immersion experiences for external students.
  8. In partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, build a student ambassador program centered around sustainability and advocacy.
  9. Host first annual town hall meeting for the campus community to offer campus consumer guidelines.
  10. Create and promote 4 campus-wide accelerator events.
  11. Create sustainability labeling on cafeteria and campus food offerings in partnership with Aramark.
  12. Launch two sustainability-driven community partner projects.
  13. Build a track for historically underrepresented students to the nascent STEM Honors program that offers sustainability research, fieldwork, and mentorship opportunities.
  14. Launch a “living biodiversity laboratory” on campus.
  15. Align institutional priorities and policy agenda, and identify 2 areas of inquiry for Fordham to undertake research on behalf of the City of New York.
  16. Undertake a set of assessments or audits of Fordham practices:
    1. Transportation efficiency
    2. Waste and waste management
    3. Strategic sourcing
    4. Single-use plastics
    5. Food systems and processes
    6. Technologies Facilities
    7. HVAC