Fordham’s Green Work

An infographic showing Fordham's Green Progress from 2007 to 2022

Fordham Infrastructure 


Fordham has undertaken several solar projects which currently offset 20% of Fordham’s energy usage, and 37% of that of Fordham Prep.

Teaching, Learning, and Research

Fordham is home to a strong set of academic programs that support teaching and learning in the areas of ecology, environmental sustainability, and environmental justice:

 Humanities and Social Sciences

Fordham offers many courses across disciplines, including in the humanities and social sciences, which offer students an opportunity to engage with sustainability content as a part of the course. Fordham offered 175 such courses in recent years.

The Louis Calder Center

Fordham runs the Louis Calder Center, a field station in Armonk New York, which functions as a living laboratory for sustainability research.

  • Researchers collect “climate and ecological” data on water quality, pertabrates, plants, and phytoplankton and benthic algae.
  • The facility includes 7 buildings with a dorm, labs, and other multi-use facilities.
  • The Center is part of a urban-rural transect of forest, and supports the longest running study on lyme disease in the country.
  • The Center is staffed by 7 on-site faculty, 3 on-site scientists, 3 RH faculty, 2 staff, and hosts 10 graduate students, 2 undergraduate students, and 2 high school students when fully operational.