Renew and Develop Academic Programs

Goal 1: Educate Students as Global Citizens and Transformative Leaders for Justice in the Innovation Age

Renew and develop academic programs to attract and flexibly serve the needs of tomorrow’s students

A female professor speaks in front of a class

Fordham’s motto, Sapientia et Doctrina (“Wisdom and Learning”), boldly declares that education and scholarly inquiry strengthen each other. Fordham will invite our faculty, scholars deeply committed to carrying out research at the frontiers of knowledge, to ask what it means to reimagine our academic programs through the lens of justice. At the graduate, professional, and undergraduate levels, we will examine what we teach and how we teach it. We will encourage faculty to design and renew degree programs that deploy high-impact practices such as collaborative projects and student-faculty research, that promote students’ cultural competence and cultural humility, and that prepare them to participate in searching, lifelong conversations about racism, inequality, and diversity.

  • Engage the faculty in reviewing the foundational curricula of all degree programs, including the undergraduate Core Curriculum, and making revisions, when appropriate, to place questions of justice at the center
  • Create and strengthen interdisciplinary programs to attract new students and fuse ethical and humanistic concerns in the study of the city’s, nation’s, and world’s most critical challenges
  • Re-envision the technological and built environments that support the academic enterprise in order to facilitate inclusive, student-centered pedagogy, promote student success, and increase Fordham’s reach locally and globally, on-campus and online