Leverage Fordham's Academic Strengths to Educate Scientists for Others

Goal 2: Excel Across the Natural and Applied Sciences and Allied Fields to Promote Social Change and Equity

Leverage Fordham’s academic strengths to educate scientists for others

Female student in lab coat

Science and technology are increasingly inseparable from the ways in which we experience and understand human relationships, society, and government. Fordham will recommit to forming scientists of purpose, who appreciate that far-reaching humanistic questions are integral to the conduct of science. We will integrate cutting-edge scientific developments into new and existing interdisciplinary programs. At the undergraduate level, a new STEM honors track will enable us to recruit, retain, and challenge students as leaders in this arena.

  • Develop and expand interdisciplinary degree programs at the graduate, professional, and undergraduate levels that advance scientific understanding and build on Fordham’s existing strengths in the arts, business, education, humanities, law, and social sciences
  • Create an undergraduate STEM honors program that incorporates elements of justice, sustainability, and community engagement