Via Fordham

Welcome to Via Fordham!

The Via Fordham program provides promising international students a different path into an undergraduate college at Fordham University. Via Fordham is a unique opportunity to become a Fordham University student while gaining invaluable English language and intercultural skills through this immersive program.

As a Via Fordham student you will:

  • Strengthen the skills you need to perform well in college-level classes.
  • Earn college credits you can put toward your degree.
  • Live in New York City, meet locals, and discover American culture.

Spaces in Via Fordham are limited. Admission and placement at either the Advanced or Academic level are based on your Fordham University application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Advanced LevelAcademic Level
  • Two semesters of coursework required
  • 9 credits earned over two semesters
  • One semester of coursework required
  • 6 credits earned in one semester

Students who successfully complete the required coursework and pass the Fordham English Language Test (FELT) are eligible for admission into the undergraduate degree program for which they originally applied.

Enroll in Via Fordham

中文 Español
한국어 English

How to Enroll in Via Fordham

  1. Enroll in Via Fordham.
  2. Begin Via Fordham.
    • Go to Via Fordham orientation on August 28–29, 2023.
    • Attend Via Fordham fall semester classes beginning August 30, 2023.
  3. Complete Via Fordham Classes.
    • Earn 6 to 9 academic credits in 1 to 2 semesters.
  4. Enroll at Fordham University.
    • Begin Fordham undergraduate studies in Spring or Fall 2024.
All documents are due May 1, 2023.