About Art History

In our art history courses, we emphasize careful formal analysis coordinated with investigation of the social, historical and economic conditions driving cultural production. We plan class assignments and special trips to take advantage of the art in New York City, introducing students to world-renowned museum collections and musical ensembles as well as the city’s ever-developing contemporary art scene.

Offering a variety of seminars and workshop courses and keeping our lecture classes small (with a maximum of 35 students), we practice a pedagogy that favors dialogue and debate in the classroom. We work to foster strong intellectual and mentoring partnerships with students to help guide them through their undergraduate careers and prepare them for life beyond Fordham.

We believe that a humanities-based education, with its emphasis on analytical thinking, creative problem solving, and clear expression, best prepares students for a wide choice of careers. Many of our art history students enter art-related professions, working in galleries, museums, auction houses and art publishing. Every year, students in this program continue on to graduate study.