Biochemistry Minor

The Biochemistry minor is an interdisciplinary minor in the Department of Chemistry (FCRH) and the Department of Biological Sciences (FCRH). It is an opportunity for you to explore specialized topics that will prepare you for careers in the health professions, such as clinical biochemistry, forensic science, biotechnologist, physician associate, nursing, and biomedical engineering.

General and Organic Chemistry are pre-requisites for Biochemistry. The course requirements for the Biochemistry Minor are:

  • Biochemistry I with Lab (CHEM4221/4231)
  • Biochemistry II (CHEM4222)
  • General Genetics with Lab (BISC2539/BISC2549 or NSCI3133/ NSCI3833)
  • Molecular Biology (BISC3752 or NSCI4176/NSCI876)
  • Two electives outside your major chosen from the following:
    • Microbiology with lab (BISC3643 & BISC3653)
    • Cell Biology (BISC3754)
    • Quantitative Analysis (CHEM3721)
    • Physical Chemistry II (CHEM3622)
    • Computational Chemistry (CHEM4625)
    • Biomimetic Chemistry (CHEM4241)
    • Bionanotechnology & Nanomedicine (CHEM4621)
    • Immunology with lab (NSCI2122/NSCI2822)
    • Pharmacological Chemistry (NSCI 4080; Neurochemistry (NSCI4081)
    • Cell & Developmental Biology (NSCI3154; lab NSCI3184) optional)
    • Advanced Microbiology with lab (NSCI41331/NSCI4833).