Classics Department Undergraduate Program

The study of Classics provides one with the opportunity to learn about Ancient Greece and Rome, which have had a lasting influence on Western Civilization throughout the centuries. By studying Classics, you can learn what Homer and Virgil really said in their original Greek and Latin and trace their influence to Joyce and Atwood. You can discover the origins of our political systems and scientific methodology, and learn about the intellectual and social climate in which the early Church arose.

By studying ancient texts in the original languages of Latin and Ancient Greek, you will not only learn the languages and about the cultures, but you will also develop skills in analysis, interpretation, and critical thinking. With these skills, Classics majors consistently outperform their peers on the LSAT and GRE.

There are two majors and two minors within the Classics department at Fordham University.

 Fordham also offers courses in Classics throughout the summer!