Bartholomew J. Moore

Associate Professor of Economics
Email: [email protected]

Rose Hill, Dealy E-511
Phone: 718-817-4049

  • Ph.D., Columbia University

    • Macroeconomic Theory
    • Monetary Theory and Policy
    • Analysis
    • Modelling of Expectations
  • Dr. Moore was born in Utica, NY. He received his BA from Hamilton College with majors in History and Government. He has an MA in Economics from NYU. He also has an M.Phil. and a Ph.D., both in Economics, from Columbia University. His research interests are in Macroeconomics and Monetary Theory with a focus on modeling expectations. He is married and has two daughters.

  • Journal Articles
    The Interest Rate, Learning, and Inventory Investment, with Louis Maccini and Huntley Schaller, The American Economic Review, December 2004.

    Persistent and Transitory Shocks, Learning, and Investment Dynamics, with Huntley Schaller, The Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, August 2002.

    Learning, Regime Switches, and Equilibrium Asset Pricing Dynamics, with Huntley Schaller, The Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, June-July 1996.

    Least-Squares Learning and the Stability of Equilibria with Externalities, The Review of Economic Studies, January, 1993.