Jhilam Z. Iqbal

Senior Lecturer of Economics (on leave)
Email: [email protected]

Rose Hill Campus: Dealy E-515
Phone: 718-817-3844

  • Ph.D., Fordham University

    • Economic Development
    • Micro-finance
    • International Trade
  • Dr. Jhilam Zebunnessa Iqbal was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh. She concentrated on Economics and English as an undergraduate and received a Ph.D. in Economics from Fordham University in 2002. Dr. Iqbal has been teaching various courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels since 1996, including Basic Macroeconomics, Business Statistics, Statistics Decision Making, Macroeconomic Policy Management and Community Economic Development. Her research interests include topics in microfinance, economic development, and international trade. In her spare time, she writes fiction and paints.