Pablo Schenone

Assistant Professor of Economics
Email: [email protected]

Rose Hill, Dealy E-509
Phone: 718-817-XXXX

  • Ph.D., Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

    • Decision Theory
    • Game Theory
    • Network Theory
  • Pablo Schenone is an Assistant Professor of Economics. His research focuses on the interactions between various sub-fields in economic theory, in particular Game Theory, Network Theory, and Decision Theory. For instance, the paper "Revealed Preference Implications of Backward induction and Subgame Perfection" focuses on the connection between properties of choice correspondences and common solution concepts for extensive form games. His work with Javier Donna and Greg Veramendi focuses on Industrial Organization applications of matching models in a networked environment. Finally, his work on causality aims to provide behavioral foundations for models of causal effects based on Bayesian graphs. Dr. Schenone earned his Ph.D. at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

  • Revealed Preference Implications of Backward Induction and Subgame Perfection (May 2020, AEJ: Microeconomics)

    Frictions in Internet Auctions with Many Traders: a Counterexample, with Javier Donna and Gregory Veramendi (Economic Letters January 2016)

    Identifying subjective beliefs in subjective state space models (Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 95, (January 2016), Pages 59–72)