Ralf Hepp

Ralf Hepp

Associate Professor of Economics
Email: [email protected]

Rose Hill Campus: Dealy E-525
Phone: 718-817-4066

  • Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz

    • Open-Economy Macroeconomics
    • International Finance
    • International Trade
    • Monetary Economics
  • Dr. Hepp is an Associate Professor of Economics. In addition to his thesis on the “Effects of Debt Relief on Foreign Aid, Growth and Health Expenditures” Professor Hepp has published work in the Journal of Banking and Finance, in Applied Econometrics and International Development, in Oxford Economic Papers and in Publius – The Journal of Federalism on various issues ranging from monetary policy to debt relief initiatives to fiscal federalism. Dr. Hepp’s current research projects include examinations of the role of borrower balance sheets and bank liquidity on monetary policy effectiveness, and of central bank preferences in emerging market economies. Dr. Hepp earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

  • Journal Articles

    The determinants of global bank lending: Evidence from bilateral cross-country data, with Uluc Aysun, Journal of Banking and Finance 66, May 2016, pp. 35-52.

    Identifying the balance sheet and lending channels of monetary transmission: A loan-level analysis, with Uluc Aysun, Journal of Banking and Finance 37(8), August 2013, pp. 2812-2822.

    Interstate Risk Sharing in Germany: 1970-2006, with Juergen von Hagen, Oxford Economic Papers, vol. 65(1), January 2013, pp.1-24.

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