Aidan Sebesta

Aidan Sebesta, MA in Ethics and Society, '22
"The opportunity to participate in the practicum was invaluable to my career. Through my time with BNY Mellon’s Global Impact Citizenship department, I developed my interest in fundraising and philanthropy, fields I had not previously considered. What I found to be especially valuable was the integration of ethical principles into the discussion of corporate philanthropic efforts. These discussions gave me a nuanced understanding of fundraising and philanthropy and informed how I do my job to this day. Without a doubt, the field practicum altered the course of my career, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities it afforded me."

Chuk ceed

Princess Chukwuneke, MA in Ethics and Society, '16
"I am currently enrolled at the Yale School of Nursing’s graduate professional program, on the Adult Gerontology Primary Care track. In the spring 2016 semester of the Ethics program, I completed a practicum experience at Global Bioethics Initiative, a non-profit institution under consultative status with the United Nations. While at GBI, I had the opportunity to read up on current biomedical ethics news and reword the articles in simple summaries that were made available to the general public. This was crucial to me as I am committed to making people as aware of and involved in any policies or ethical arguments surrounding their health. I found something to love about my experience and would recommend current Ethics students to take advantage of the practicum opportunity."

Deli ceed

Randi Delirod, MA in Ethics and Society, '14
“Participating in the practicum at St. Barnabas Hospital allowed me to put theory into practice. Understanding the various ethical issues and their impact upon patients, families and the medical team was, and continues to be, an extraordinary experience.”

Jaber ceed

Rimah Jaber, MA in Ethics and Society, '16
"I chose Global Bioethics Initiative (GBI), an international, United Nations affiliated, NGO, as my ethics field practicum site. During my time at GBI, I engaged in contributing to online, bioethics discourse through writing for the organization's blog, as well as promoting public awareness and understanding of bioethical issues on social media. I read and published summaries of bioethics news from the perspectives of multiple disciplines (e.g. medicine, research, politics, etc.), developed website and marketing materials and more. I particularly enjoyed that as a student intern, I was given significant responsibility in coordinating events or public ethics forums and discussions around New York City, as well as entrusted with tasks directly related to the operations of an NGO dedicated to ethics, justice and more. I would recommend GBI not just to bioethics interested students, but to students interested in non-profit and organizational work."

Hafez ceed

Sam Hafez, MA in Ethics and Society, '16
"I remember first learning about Institutional Review Boards while in my Intro Ethics course and thinking that it would be fun to work on a real IRB. Thanks to the program, I was able to complete my practicum over a summer semester at Fordham's Institutional Review Board under the direction of Michele Kuchera. I got to experience how IRBs are run, and to sit in on Full Board meetings. Both the hands-on experience, and the research I did as part of my practicum experience helped me to land my current job as an analyst and system administrator at San Diego State University’s IRB."

Ramatta ceed

Mike Rametta, MA in Ethics and Society, '14
"The field practicum, which I completed at St. Barnabas Hospital, was an enriching academic and practical experience. As part of the practicum, I interacted directly with physicians from a broad array of specialties, as well as with patients. It taught me how, in ethical cases, what one wants to do does not always align with what one can do.  Ethics without attention to action is incomplete, and the practicum provides comprehensive exposure to how ethical decision-making actually occurs."