About General Science

The General Science major is for students wishing to pursue a career in science-related fields.

Possible careers include:

  • Health Professions: medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, nursing, physician assistant, optometry, pharmacy, chiropractic, public health, etc. 
  • Health Care Management: hospital or nursing home administration, HMO management, geriatric services, etc.
  • Education: middle school and high school science teaching.
  • Laboratory Technical Work or Management: pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnical, and consumer products research labs; quality control. 
  • Technical Sales and Marketing: pharmaceuticals; medical and scientific equipment; etc.
  • Science-Related Business, Social Service, or Law
  • Science Journalism

If you have decided on a career that requires a solid foundation in the sciences, then the general science major might be right for you. Feel free to  contact the program director for advice.

Note: The major is not intended for students planning to attend graduate school in a specific science discipline, since they would need to complete the major in that particular discipline in order to meet the prerequisites for graduate studies.