Jewish Studies Department

Jewish Studies at Fordham offers a broad range of courses in disciplines including history, theology, anthropology, sociology, comparative literature, art history, gender and women’s studies, and law.

Fordham’s courses in Jewish Studies, taught by internationally renowned faculty, provide students with a nuanced understanding of the living and historical traditions of Judaism, as well as the history and culture of the Jews and the modern State of Israel. They offer historical breadth and disciplinary depth, covering all eras from biblical times to the present, and many parts of the world, from the Middle East, to Europe, and the Americas. Courses in Jewish Studies at Fordham are integrated across the curriculum, and across the campuses. Many are part of Fordham’s Core Curriculum. Uniquely, Fordham’s undergraduate and graduate students are able to take courses in Jewish law at Fordham Law School.

Jewish Studies at Fordham embodies an important part of Fordham’s mission “to develop in its students an understanding of and reverence for cultures and ways of life other than their own,” so they may be prepared “for an increasingly multicultural and multinational society.”

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