Brian Reilly


Associate Professor of French 
Faber Hall 556
[email protected]

SPRING 2024 office hours:
On leave
  • B.A. Dartmouth College
    Ph.D. Yale University

  • Medieval and Renaissance Literature
    Contemporary French Thought and Science

  • Brian Reilly’s interests include medieval francophone literature, contemporary French thought, and language teaching. He has published on Chrétien de Troyes and Jacques Derrida and their relation to the history of science and skepticism. His monograph titled Getting the Blues: Vision and Cognition in the Middle Ages explores color in medieval language and literature. He is currently preparing a second book on the Holy Grail.

    • FREN 1501 - Intermediate French I
    • FREN 1502 - Intermediate French II
    • FREN 2001 - French Language and Literature
    • FREN 2100 - Grammar and Phonetics
    • FREN 3100 - Medieval French Literature
    • FREN 3101 - Word and Image
    • FREN 3130 - Culture and Science in France
    • FREN 3290 - Early Authors Modern Theory
    • FREN 3510 - Translation Theory and Practice
    • MVST 5077 - Editing Medieval Texts
  • • Getting the Blues: Vision and Cognition in the Middle Ages. Series: Medieval Interventions: New Light on Traditional Thinking, edited by Stephen G. Nichols. Peter Lang, 2019.
    • “Comment lire Louise Labé comme un enfant.” In Théories critiques et littérature de la Renaissance - Mélanges offerts à Lawrence Kritzman, eds. Todd Reeser and David Laguardia. Classiques-Gallimard, 2021.

    • “Négritude’s Contretemps: The Coining and Reception of Aimé Césaire’s Neologism.” Philological Quarterly 99.4 [2020]: 377–98.

    • “Jacques Derrida’s Pedagogical Imperative for the Sciences.” In Revisioning French Culture, edited by Andrew Sobanet, Liverpool University Press, edited by Andrew Sobanet. Liverpool University Press, 2019. 330–46.

    • “Invisible Translator, Visible Author: Medieval Authorship Verification Through Modern Translation.” Digital Philology 7.1 [Spring 2018]: 93–123.
    • “Irony and Cognitive Empathy in Chrétien de Troyes’s Gettier Problem.” Philosophy and Literature. 41.1 [April 2017]: 169–84.
    • “Emergent Derrida.” in Divisible Derridas. Eds. Victor E. Taylor and Stephen G. Nichols. Noesis Press, 2017. 159–88.
    • “Hopkins Impromptu: Following Jacques Derrida through Theory’s Empire.” Modern Language Notes 121 [2006]: 911–28.