Maria Ebner


Senior Lecturer in German
Faber Hall 559
[email protected]
FALL 2023 Office Hours: 
On leave
  • Dipl.Päd., PädAk Graz, Austria
    M.A., Vanderbilt University
    Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

  • Maria Ebner, in addition to teaching all levels of German language, teaches cross-disciplinary undergraduate courses with a focus on film, urban and women studies. Additionally, she is the coordinator for the German Language Program at Fordham University as well. She received her undergraduate education in her native Austria before attending Vanderbilt University, where she earned her Master’s and Ph.D. in German Literature. There she also held a position at the Center for Teaching consulting on topics of teaching and professional development across disciplines. Her field of research explores the many realms of migration, identity formation and representation, and portraying images of minorities in literature, film, and art. The approach to research, she is interested in, aims for an extra-disciplinary perspective extending from literature to philosophy to performance and cultural theory. She is drawn to the potentiality of writing love and death, dilemmas in representation, and revolutionary ideas of writing and heterotopias. Maria Ebner is also an enthusiastic painter and woodworker with a strong interest in the intersections of visual arts and texts.

    • MLAL 3710 - Fin-de- Siècle Vienna: Klimt, Cafés and Cemeteries
    • MLAL 3600 - Women’s Voices in German and Austrian Literature
    • GERM 3566 - Deutschland 1968: Protest, Hippies und Terroristen“
    • MLAL 3701 - Villains, Vamps, and Vampires: An Introduction to German Cinema
    • MLAL 3504 - Berlin Tales: A Cultural History of Germany’s Kiez and Metropolis
    • GERM 3303 - Contemporary German and Austrian Literature and Film: Borders and Crossings
    • GERM 3050 - The Sound of Music: Introduction to German Music and Musical Genres
    • GERM 5001/5002 - Graduate Reading in German I and II
    • GERM 1001 - Introduction to German
    • GERM 1501/1502 - Intermediate German I and II
    • GERM 2001 - Advanced German Language and Literature
    • GERM 2601 - German Conversation and Composition
    • GERM 2650 - Business German