Physics and Engineering Physics Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Department Chair
Dr. Stephen Holler

Associate Professor
[email protected]
Ph.D. Applied Physics, Yale University
MPhil Applied Physics, Yale University
MS Applied Physics, Yale University
BS Physics, Polytechnic University

Dr. Holler joined the Fordham faculty in 2011. Prior to this, he was as senior manager of photonics R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific, a position he obtained due to the acquisition of NovaWave Technologies, a small business focused on developing laser-based for environmental monitoring where he was partner and director of R&D. In addition, Dr. Holler was a senior member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM, and a senior physicist of Los Gatos Research in Mountain View, Calif. He also manages the department's seismic observatory.

Director, Engineering Physics Program
Dr. Martin A. Sanzari

Assistant Professor
[email protected]
Ph.D. Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology
MS Optical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology
MS Mechanical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology
BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Rhode Island

Before joining the faculty in 1996, Dr. Sanzari was a program manager at Kearfott Guidance & Navigation Corp. He is also a visiting research scientist at The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, NY.

Director, 3-2 Engineering Program
Dr. Christopher Aubin

Associate Professor
[email protected]
Ph.D. Physics, Washington University in St. Louis
MA Physics, Washington University in St. Louis
BS Physics, University of Dallas

Before joining the faculty at Fordham in 2010, Dr. Aubin was a research scientist at Columbia University and the College of William and Mary. His primary research focus is theoretical high energy physics, specifically large-scale computational simulations in the field of Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics and Chiral Perturbation Theory.

Dr. Antonios Balassis
[email protected]
Ph.D. Physics, City University of New York
BS Physics, University of Patras, Greece

Dr. Balassis joined the faculty in 2008. Prior to coming for Fordham, he was a postdoc at Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) in Spain, and at the Research Foundation of CUNY.

Dr. Benjamin C. Crooker
Associate Professor
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
[email protected]
Ph.D. Physics, Cornell University
MS Physics, Cornell University
BS Physics, University of Massachusetts

Dr. Crooker came to the physics faculty in 1997 from Purdue University, where he was an associate professor. He did his postdoctoral work at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Robert Duffin
[email protected]
Ph.D. Physics, George Mason University
MS Physics, George Mason University
BS Physics George Mason University
Freeman Hall 207

Prior to joining the faculty in 2021, Professor Duffin taught physics and astronomy over the last ten years in California, Washington, and Oregon state and more recently in the NY area.

Dr. Vassilios Fessatidis
[email protected]
Ph.D. Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology
BA Physics, Queens College, CUNY
BA Math, Queens College, CUNY

Dr. Fessatidis joined the faculty in 1993 after completing postdoctoral work at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Dr. Quamrul Haider
Emeritus Professor
[email protected]
Ph.D. Physics, Indiana University at Bloomington
MS Physics, University of Illinois - Chicago
MS Physics, Dhaka University, Bangladesh
BS Physics, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Prior to joining the faculty in 1988, Dr. Haider was a research associate at Los Alamos (NM) and Lawrance Livermore (CA) National Laboratories.

Dr. Desire Miessein
[email protected]
Ph.D. Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology
MA Physics, Hunter College, CUNY
BS/BA Physics, Lehman College, CUNY
Freeman Hall 207

Dr. Camelia Prodan
(On research leave)
[email protected]

University of Houston, Houston, TX, PhD in Physics
University of Bucharest, Romania, BS in Physics

Dr. Petr Shibayev
Ph.D. Physics, Moscow State University, Russia
MS Physics, Moscow State University, Russia
[email protected]

Dr. Shibayev (Shibaev) has worked at Fordham since 2003. Before joining the faculty, he held positions as a research scientist at Copenhagen University (Denmark) and Moscow State University, Russia. He was also a visiting scientist at Padova University, Italy and at North Texas University, Denton, and was a senior scientist at Chiral Photonics Inc., USA

Ms. Esther Morgan
Executive Secretary
[email protected]
Freeman Hall 208

Mr. John Connolly
Laboratory Technician
[email protected]
Freeman Hall B05 - Instrument and Model Shop