Huda Gerard Seif

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 914-643-1718

Dr. Huda Gerard Seif profile

  • PhD 2003 Columbia University
    MPhil 1995 Columbia University
    MA 1994 Columbia University
    BA 1992 CUNY

  • Political and legal anthropology, human rights, international development and humanitarian affairs, post-colonial state crisis, United Nations and the European Union

  • Seif, Huda, 2013. Marginality and allegories of gendered resistance: Experiences from Southern Yemen. In Gendered Resistance: Women, Slavery and the Legacy of Margaret Garner, ed. by M.E. Fredrickson and D.M. Walters, pp. 147-170. Urbana, Chicago and Springfield: University of Illinois Press.

    Seif, Huda, 2006. The accursed minority: The ethno-cultural persecution of Al-Akhdam in the Republic of Yemen: A documentary and advocacy project. In Islam and Human Rights: Advocacy for Social Change in Local Contexts, Foreword by Abdullahi A. An-Na’im, ed. by M. Baderin, M. Monshipouri, M. Mokhtari, and L. Welchman, pp. 254-298. New Delhi, Global Media Publications. Also published in Muslim World Journal of Human Rights 2, no. 1, 2005.

    Seif, Huda, 2005. Political-social movements: Ethnic and minority: Arab Gulf and Yemen. In Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, ed. by S. Joseph.

    Seif, Huda, 2005. Human rights: Arab Gulf and Yemen. In Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, ed. by S. Joseph.

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  • ANTH 1100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    ANTH 3340 Anthropological Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity
    ANTH 3354 Race, Identity, and Globalization
    ANTH 4490 Anthropology of Political Violence