Orlando Rodriguez

Professor of Sociology (at Rose Hill)
Email: [email protected]

Office: Dealy Hall 408A
Phone: 718-817-3867

  • BA, City College, CUNY
    PhD, Columbia, 1974

  • Criminal justice processes; program evaluation research; mental health of minority and migrant populations.

  • Rodriguez, O., Santana Cooney, R. Falcon, A., et al., 1995. Nuestra America en Nueva York: The New Immigrant Populations in New York City, 1980-1990. Hispanic Research Center Report Series, Fordham University, Bronx, NY

  • Evans, M.E., Mejía-Maya, L.J., Zayas, L.H., Boothroyd, R.A., and Rodriguez, O. 2001. "Conducting research in culturally diverse inner-city neighborhoods: some lessons learned." Journal of Transcultural Nursing 12(1): 6-14. (doi: 10.1177/104365960101200102)

    Zayas, L.H., Evans, M.E., Mejía-Maya, L.J., and Rodriguez, O. 1997. "Cultural competency training for staff serving Hispanic families with a child in psychiatric crisis and their families." Families in Society 78(4): 405-412.

    Guarnaccia, P., and Rodriguez, O. 1996. "Concepts of culture and their role in the development of culturally competent mental health services." Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences 18: 419-443.

    Rodriguez, O. 1995. "Causal models of substance abuse among Puerto Rican adolescents: implications for prevention."In Drug Use Prevention with Multiethnic Youth, ed. by G. Botvin, S. Schinke, and M. Orlandi. Sage, Newberry Park, CA.

  • Undergraduate

    • Introduction to Sociology
    • Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • Criminology
    • Contemporary Issues and Policies
    • Latinos and Public Policy
    • Terrorism and Society
    • Community Service and Social Action


    • Law and Society
    • Hispanic Policy Issues
    • Polemics of Crime Control