Prospective Majors and Minors in Theology

Why major or minor in theology?

Theology is a vital subject challenging those who study it to think critically and personally about God, human existence, our world, and the role of religion in our world and our lives.

In the tradition of Jesuit education, our department promotes the exploration of faith and justice from ecumenical, interreligious, and global perspectives. We aspire to undertake this journey in an imaginative, interdisciplinary manner that values the important contributions of the humanities, arts, and sciences.

Theology teaches crucial skills in critical thinking, active leadership, persuasive writing, and effective communication. While some of our majors and minors pursue advanced graduate work in theology or religion, other students go on to have meaningful and successful careers in law, business, the nonprofit sector, and medicine, among other fields. Check out our undergraduate courses and decide if theology could be right for you.

You can find more information on the curriculum, career and internship opportunities, upcoming courses, and departmental contacts here.