E. David de Leon

A photo of E. David de Leon, a doctoral student in the systematic studies track in the Theology Department at Fordham University


B.A. - University of California, Berkeley, 2009

M.Div. - Yale Divinity School, 2021


E. David de Leon resides in New York City with his two sons and wife. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, he is a child of Pilipino immigrants. His research examines Christian doctrines of providence and eschatology as deployed in colonial, imperial, and civilizing projects with a particular eye toward histories of Spanish and American colonialism in the Philippines and the lives of diasporic Pilipinos. His additional research interests include postcolonial and decolonial theory, psychoanalysis and its extension into ideas like racial melancholia, Asian American studies, Pilipinx American studies, and more. He thinks, writes, and teaches along the lines of Asian American and Pilipino American theology. He has extensive experience in Christian ministry settings, with over 12 years in university campus ministry work, immersion learning programs, and church music ministry. Now in his third year at Fordham, he is an instructor for Faith & Critical Reason, teaching a class that attempts to forge a productive relationship between religious studies and theology.

David is an avid cook, and is a fan of carbohydrates in solid and liquid forms. He is an experienced bread baker whose sourdough starter is now almost a decade old. His favorite ice cream flavor is Pistachio from Arethusa in New Haven, CT.

David's works and fellowships include the following:


  • “Politicized Asian Americans & Moving Beyond the Nostalgia for Lost Origins,” Discipleship in Diaspora Dialogue, Center for Asian American Christianity, Princeton Theological Seminary. (November 2023) [invited talk]
  • “Pilipinx/a/o American Theological Imagination: Making Meaning Beyond Colonial Mentality;” Beyond Colonial Mentality: Reclaiming Pilipinx/a/o American Radicality Panel Presentation, Asian Pacific American Religions Research Initiative (APARRI) Conference; Berkeley, CA. (June 2023) [panel presentation]


  •  “Communities in Context: Insights from Marginalized Communities about Christian Witness in the Public Sphere;” co-authored with Nikki Toyama-Szeto; Stott-Bediako Forum 2022. (October 2022)


  • Doctoral Fellowship for Latino/a, Asian and First Nations Doctoral Students, Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) (2023-2024)