Lake Stein

Lake Stein.


B.A.  John Carroll University - 2016

M.T.S. Boston College - 2018


Lake Stein’s current research interests lie broadly in the the field of theological anthropology. Lake’s work entails the staging of a conversation between guilt and innocence— both in their contemporary and paradigmatic forms,  as they’ve been used as correctives to systematic theology. 

Lake’s training in fundamental theology, critical theology, and philosophy lends to  faithful commitments, among them solidarity, abolitionist thinking, and trans feminist liberation.  Lake enjoys drawing from psychoanalysis, hermeneutics, continental philosophy, and various critical theories in order to show how fundamental theological realities (such as hope and love) are primary, indispensable categories for bearing upon materialization the incommensurable. 

Lake was raised-Catholic in St. Paul, Minnesota, and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.