Nindyo Sasongko

Systematic Theology


BA (Theology), SAAT Theological Seminary, Malang, Indonesia

MATS (Studies in Spirituality), Seattle University, WA


Nindyo Sasongko is a Mennonite minister from Indonesia and a second-year doctoral student in Systematic Theology. He received his Master of Art degree in Spirituality in 2015 from Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry, WA. Before coming to Fordham, he was the inaugural holder of Elias Pohan Visiting Research Scholar at the Jakarta Theological Seminary, the oldest ecumenical Protestant seminary in Indonesia. During this time, he taught Constructive Theology, Modern Theology, and Spirituality in undergraduate classes and his articles were published in Ecclesiology, International Reviews of Mission, and Dialog: A Journal of Theology. He is also a co-founder and co-editor of Indonesian Journal of Theology, the first online peer-reviewed journal in Indonesia. His research interests include peace and nonviolence, ecclesiology, theological anthropology, and religious diversity.