Sónia Monteiro

A photo of Sonia da Silva Monteiro, a doctoral student in the systematic track in the Theology Department at Fordham University



B.A. - University of Minho School of Law, Portugal

M.A. Theology - Fordham University


Sónia is a doctoral candidate in systematic theology.

Sónia’s dissertation project, written under the direction of Dr. Bradford Hinze, explores, both from a hermeneutical and phenomenological perspectives, the human-divine dynamism in the event of interpersonal forgiveness, while considering its implications in the public sphere. Her research interests include Christology, Political Theology, and Ignatian Spirituality.

Before coming to New York, Sónia worked as a lawyer in Portugal, with interests in criminal justice. She also spent a few years working with local communities in Angola to help generate sustained access to better opportunities and quality of life, especially among women. These have
guided Sónia’s research into the complex dynamic between the theological and the political, particularly on issues of conflict and violence and the (im)possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation. While at Fordham, Sónia has taught “Faith and Critical Reason,” and “Latin American Liberation Theologies.” To enhance her pedagogy, Sónia participated in the semester-long Ignatian Pedagogy Seminar, as well as a Teaching Religious Studies intensive seminar, funded by the Wabash Center.

Currently, Sónia is the recipient of the distinguished merit-based Elizabeth A. Johnson Endowed Scholarship. In 2022-2023, she held a GSAS Distinguished Senior Teaching Fellowship and was awarded with an Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award (Honorable mention and Teaching for Justice/Anti-Racist award).

Sónia is an active member of The Grail, an international and ecumenical movement of lay women from diverse backgrounds. Founded in 1921, The Grail believes that it is essential to make visible and operational the role of women and spirituality in all dimensions of life.