Timothy Perron

Timothy Perron.


B.S. - College of St. Rose, 2007

B.Phil - St. John's Seminary, 2010

M.A. in Theological Studies - Loyola University Chicago, 2013


Timothy’s primary research interests are in theological anthropology, specifically in the areas of sex/gender and sexuality, and in exploring what new possibilities might present themselves in this regard that are in accord with the Roman Catholic tradition’s understanding of the development of doctrine. He is currently researching and thinking through the ways in which the biological sciences can inform theologies dealing with sex/gender and sexuality. Prior to doctoral studies in Fordham’s theology department, he earned an undergraduate degree in music. Following a year of teaching in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, he studied at St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, Massachusetts, receiving his bachelor’s degree in philosophy. He then earned his his M.A. in theological studies at the University of Loyola Chicago. After joining the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), he began his doctoral work in theology. 

In addition to his research, Timothy has a passion for teaching. He has broad teaching experience, from kindergarten through collegiate education in various fields: music, special education, and theology. When not engaged in theological work, Timothy loves spending time in Vermont, enjoying its natural beauty, and indulging in its many delights such as its world class maple syrup and cheddar cheese!

Timothy’s conference presentations include:

  • “What does Sex Difference have to do with Gender: Philosophical and Neuroscientific Perspectives”
  • “Rerouting Theories of Sex/Gender Toward Experience: Employing Scientific Studies Within the Structure of Lonergan’s Transcendental Method.”
  • "Human Ecology as an Approach to Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Vatican Documents."