Yevgeniy Safronov

Yevgeniy Safronov.


B. A.  Brooklyn College (CUNY), 2013

M. S., Education, City College (CUNY), 2017

M.Div, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2021


As an undergraduate student, I studied Philosophy and Religious studies, and completed a Minor in Classics. I then spent a year as a Public Ally of New York (an Americorps program), teaching the college-bound curriculum at Legal Outreach, a nonprofit organization in Queens, NY. Subsequently, I joined the NYC Teaching Fellows, a program through which I became a licensed Special Education Teacher, taught for four years in a NYC high school, and earned my M. S. in Education at City College in Harlem. In 2018, I became an MDiv student at Princeton Theological Seminary.

My intellectual curiosities broadly concern Greco-Roman society and religion, with particular interests in Second Temple Judaism and the origins of Christianity. Thus, I am interested in textual and historical issues such as the historical Jesus, Jews and Gentiles in Pauline authorship, apocalyptic literature, and the Maccabean revolt, but I aim to contextualize these within broader political, religious, and philosophical environments. I am also interested in methodological questions as they pertain to the interaction between modern and postmodern thought.

In 2021, my wife Casandra and I celebrated the birth of our first baby, our daughter Aurora.