Graduates seeking employment and employed

Graduates of the Fordham Theology Department Ph.D. program enter the world with invaluable experience in research, writing, and teaching. We are proud to feature our graduates, both those currently seeking postgraduate placements and those who have secured placements.


Carlton Chase | Systematic Theology | [email protected]
Promises from an Impossible God: Fragments of Resistance and Hope in the Later Theology of David Tracy
Bradford Hinze

Robert Cortegiano | Systematic Theology | [email protected]
Intraecclesial Reform Movements after Vatican II: "Futurechurch" as a Model for Discerning the Sensus Fidelium
Bradford Hinze

James Dechant | Systematic Theology | [email protected] 
An Ecological Education: Theological Paths to Liberative Praxis
Bradford Hinze

David de la Fuente | Systematic Theology | [email protected]
A Catholic Reception of Azusa Street’s Pentecostal Fire
Bradford Hinze

Asher Harris | Modern Historical Theology | [email protected]
Crisis in the Antebellum Methodist Episcopal Church: Abolitionism, Slavery, and the Life of Nathan Bangs
Kathryn Reklis

Henry Omeike | Theological and Social Ethics | [email protected]
Rethinking Economic Solidarity in Africa in Light of Igbo Imu-Ahia Economic Ethics
Christine Firer Hinze

Jack Louis Pappas | Systematic Theology | [email protected]
Through Phenomenology to Theology: Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthasar, and the French Theological Turn
Aristotle Papanikolaou