FAS Department and Committee Meetings

We recommend that all non-instructional meetings (department, committee, and other faculty or administrative) be conducted through Zoom or other appropriate online means during the course of 2020-2021. 

Specific Guidelines for Personnel Decisions

Based on the temporary adjustments to Statutes for the immediate future, all reappointment, tenure and promotion personnel committees may take place with members at a distance as long as the Provost’s Guidelines on Personnel Matters 3.9.2020 are observed.
Here is some additional information: 

Quorum: All those participating remotely are included in the quorum, in both the number of the eligible faculty in the department and in the number participating. This also means that a faculty member on leave, who meets the required rank and status, may choose to participate remotely and be counted in the quorum--this is the faculty member’s choice. All faculty joining remotely are expected to participate fully in discussing and voting.

Confidential Vote: Additionally, the Provost’s guidelines recommend the use of an approved voting mechanism that ensures confidentiality, such as Qualtrics. Here is more information on how to use Qualtrics for confidential voting.

Electronic Submission: All personnel-related documentation must be submitted electronically. Please upload the dossier to Google Drive and share with both [email protected] and [email protected]. This dossier should include the following elements:

  • All the materials submitted by the candidate (CV, cover letter, application, research/teaching/service materials, etc.);
  • External letters if applicable;
  • Peer reviews of teaching and SEEQs;
  • “Recommendation of the Personnel Committee” (the vote count): PDF if you can scan it and upload it; if not, fill out the attached Word version of the document;
  • In lieu of the signature sheet, you may follow ONE of the following two options (the second is simpler):
    • Collect emails from members of the personnel committee, stating that they have read (or had read to them) the chairperson’s report; these emails must be sent to you from each members’ Fordham email address (keep these emails on file---no need to forward to FAS at this time);
    • Create a Google Doc, stating at the top “My electronic signature below signifies that I have read, or had read to me, the chairperson’s report”; ask members of the personnel committee to place their name and date in the Google Doc, using the “Suggesting Mode” at the top right of a Google Doc page (which will keep track of who adds a signature); include the completed Google Doc in your upload to FAS;
  • The chairperson’s report on the personnel committee meeting.

Individual Faculty Recommendations: All individual faculty recommendations should be emailed to both [email protected] and [email protected] from the faculty member’s Fordham email account; this email will serve in lieu of the faculty member’s signature.