Allowable Expenses

The following supplements policies and procedures in the University Statutes. Any deviation must be pre-approved by the Department Chair and Dean of Faculty.

Resources available from the A&S Academic Travel Program are limited. Therefore, only certain expenses are allowable, including airfare, hotel, conference registration, meals, and economical ground transportation for the individual. Please note:

  • All travel receipts must be processed within 30 days of the conclusion of travel.
  • Faculty with discretionary funds, start-up allowances or external grants should use those sources before the department’s travel funds.
  • Air travel expenses are strictly limited to economy class.
  • Hotel reimbursement for conferences is limited to three (3) nights and for interviewing attendance two (2) nights.
  • Meals, etc. are reimbursed only at actual cost, supported by receipts. Per diems are not allowable.

Expenses that do not comply with this policy may not be considered for full reimbursement.