Of the City For the World

At Fordham University, we question assumptions, dig deeper, and rise to the challenges of our times. We connect the people and communities who shape a more hopeful world. 


18% First-generation college students
10 Fulbright awards earned by Fordham students and alumni this year

Problem Solvers

89% of graduates completed at least one internship before graduating.
#31 Best Undergraduate Teaching, US News & World Report

A woman is teaching an arts and crafts lesson to two young children

72 Fall courses with a community engagement component
#21 in Social Work, US News & World Report

A student observes another student inserting liquid into a vial using a pipette

#29 in Law, US News & World Report
#14 Best College Newspaper, Princeton Review

Opportunity Makers

Over 200,000 Fordham alumni worldwide
#11 in International Business, US News & World Report

A male basketball player breaks away with the ball

#17 in Entrepreneurship, US News & World Report
23 Tony awards earned by Fordham alumni