More About Fellowships

How do I make myself more competitive?

Start looking for fellowships now.

It’s never too early to think about fellowships. We are happy to talk with you about your goals and which fellowships might be a good fit for you!


Focus on academic performance.

Consult with your academic advisor to choose courses that will help you meet your goals. Take classes that excite you and will challenge you!


Get involved in extracurricular opportunities.

Volunteer, intern, go on a service trip, seek out intriguing educational programs, or find ways to conduct independent research. Such experiences often lay the groundwork for prestigious awards applications. Start by browsing through our Summer Opportunities page. In addition, there are numerous volunteer opportunities through Fordham. The Center for Community Engaged Learning, Global Outreach, and Campus Ministry can point you toward opportunities to get involved. 


Learn (or keep learning) a language!

Take language classes at Fordham or elsewhere in New York City, join language buddy programs, practice your languages. Study abroad is also an excellent way to build your linguistic and cross-cultural skills – talk with the International and Study Abroad Programs Office to find out about our many partner programs.


Seek out mentors and maintain relationships with them.

Get to know your professors and supervisors, and help them get to know you. Go to office hours, stay after class, discuss your ideas and goals, and ask for guidance. Also ask them about their career paths. If their research sounds interesting to you, find out whether you can assist them in their research! An independent study or research project is a fabulous way to get to know your own interests well and build a strong relationship.Also reach out to people who have the career that interests you to see if they’re willing to chat with you about how they go there.


Stay current and informed.

Read about your field of study and current events, especially those touching on the topics that most interest you. Stay up-to-date with relevant current events in the United States and, if applicable, other countries where you hope to study, teach, or conduct research. Know the trends in your field, research the graduate programs, and find out who is conducting groundbreaking research. Go to conferences if you can! 


Track your progress and keep records of everything you do.

Keep an ongoing record of all of your courses, extracurricular projects, and volunteer service assignments, as well as any special initiatives, research or internships you do. Update your resumé often. This information will come in handy when filling out application forms and considering topics for your personal statements. It will also help your recommenders as they write letters of support for your applications.


Do something for fun!

Many fellowships are interested in getting to know you as a whole person. And we all need activities that we enjoy to keep us grounded. Play basketball, crochet, read, listen to music, sing with your friends – whatever your hobby is, make sure to continue it throughout college.