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Global Outreach

Student Overlooking City

What is GO!?

Global Outreach is a service and cultural immersion program rooted in social justice awareness and community engagement. We run projects on three cycles: winter, spring, and summer. Each project is led by a team leader and has ten spots for participants. In addition to the team leader, teams will be accompanied by a project chaperone. Teams meet for formation processes that support development toward engagement activities and give students the tools they need to work authentically with their community.

The mission of Global Outreach is to engage with, be challenged by, and further evolve Fordham’s global partnerships. Through these relationships, students understand and wrestle with social justice, solidarity, spirituality, and their Jesuit education. Through Global Outreach, we seek to nurture civically-minded leaders for a global society who work for justice and solidarity in the world while being committed to lifelong learning and holistic transformation. As a program, GO! values an ongoing commitment to sustainable relationships, anti-racism, solidarity, environmentalism and sustainability, community engagement, global citizenship, cultural exchange, education, and multiculturalism. 

Interested in Global Outreach? 

Our Fall cycle is going to be focused on immigration and migration justice. We are planning to work with a nGlobal Outreach female student posing during service projectumber of our domestic partners for in-person travel. Teams will engage with migrants in rural communities, learn about the immigration experience from partners on the border, and discuss pathways for advocacy in our own communities.

Apply here to Join a GO! Project.

Interested in leading a GO! Project? Apply here to Become a GO! Project Leader.

(GO! Project Leader application open to previous GO! participants)

Traveling Project: 

Puerto Rico

New York/Canada Border

Hybrid Projects: 

The Bronx is Blooming

The Bronx Immigration Project

Virtual Project: 

Dominican Republic


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