Endowed Scholarship Donors

Endowed Scholarship Donors

Supporting Access for All

Watch a personal message from Valerie Irick Rainford, FCRH ’86, Fordham University trustee and benefactor of the Trustee Diversity Fund and the Rainford Scholarship Fund.

Read a Fordham News story about Valerie’s commitment to removing financial barriers for undergraduates and increasing diversity at Fordham.

A Personal Message from Valerie Irick Rainford, FC

I believe we each must do what we can from where we sit to make a difference in a young person’s life.

Messages of Gratitude from 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Raekwon, FCLC ’23
Scholarships: Burns Family Endowed Artistic Merit Scholarship and Denzel Washington Endowed Scholarship

"When COVID hit; I was devastated when I went home. I had to work to help my family stay afloat and was very nervous when tuition time came due. However, receiving the notification [about my scholarship awards], I jumped with joy! Your contribution to my education helped me be less in debt and more able to enjoy my time here."

Jayda, FCLC’23
Scholarships: Anna & James McGlynn Endowed Scholarship, Burns Family Endowed Artistic Merit Scholarship, Denzel Washington Endowed Scholarship, and Fordham College at Lincoln Center Scholarship

"I think of the overwhelming financial hardship I had my freshman year and how easily the socioeconomic barriers in front of me could have caused me to be unable to ever execute my dreams so authentically and without apology, in the way I am now — or even at all in general. I am truly so grateful for your belief in me as a human; your empowerment of my dreams; and your faith in my abilities and knowledge as a young adult. I feel like my dreams are tangible and that is huge from a small town, poor kid from PA."

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Rebecca, FCRH ’24
Scholarship: Christine Caiafa-Guarino, GABELLI '96, Endowed Scholarship, and Pre-Medical Scholarship in Memory of Edward, Gertrude and Mary Joan Sugrue

"[This] kindness has been a constant reminder and example of Fordham’s selfless Jesuit mission that initially drew me to this university and that I have come to experience as a matriculated student." 

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Natalia, FCRH ’25
Scholarship: Fordham Diversity Fund

"I don’t have enough ways to express my gratitude and appreciation towards your kind donation through this scholarship. I am not one to divulge about my struggles, especially that of financial struggles and burdens, but this scholarship has provided me with hope and relief about my future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me this grand opportunity to move forward in my education and thus my career." 

Quynh, GABELLI '25
Scholarship: Gabelli School of Business Undergraduate Scholarship

“By awarding me with your scholarship, you have genuinely alleviated my financial burden and made me feel less distressed going to college. I cannot explain enough how much this scholarship means to me – in one way or another, you have made my American dream possible. Education to me is now a truly enjoyable and affordable journey, and I thank you with all my heart for your generosity and support. You have inspired me to one day support other students just as you have helped me.

Evonny, FCRH ’14, GSS ’25
Scholarship: The Francis J. Connolly Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

“As a Fordham University graduate, I am grounded in the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis and the tenet of magis on a daily basis. Cura personalis encourages one to care for the whole person, similarly to the core values of social work. If we do not think of people as a whole, we are doing a disservice in how we understand and support them. After taking Contemporary Social Welfare and Policy last fall, I came to understand the scope of social work practice and how transformative social workers can be within different societal institutions. I believe the skills, training, and perspective a social worker brings is incredibly necessary in education and I thank you for your support!”

Mai, GSAS ‘28
Scholarship: The Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship Fund

Your contributions have allowed me to focus on my research, which is impacting some of the world’s most ecologically threatened habitats. For my dissertation, I am using blood-feeding terrestrial leeches to survey biodiversity. This method—known as iDNA (ingested DNA)—targets residual DNA in the bloodmeals of leeches to identify their hosts and thus the species composition of a sample area. This work will allow us to target some of the world’s most endangered species. With your help, I have been able to dedicate my time towards testing various methodologies to make this method as simple as possible—with the goal of making it an attractive option for conservation practitioners.”

The Impact of Scholarship Support

"When I received notice of the scholarship...it immediately instilled in me a sense of responsibility. I instantly knew that someone believed in me." - Samantha Barrett, GABELLI ’21