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A&S Deans’ Faculty Challenge Grant Financial Guidelines

The following financial guidelines apply to all proposals for the A&S Deans’ Faculty Challenge Grant. Funded projects will be provided with revised line item budgets reflecting any changes made and approved by the Deans to adhere to these guidelines.  

Payments to Fordham Faculty:

  • Stipends are not typically allowable for Fordham faculty participation in a funded project. On an exceptional basis, stipends will be considered. Any request must include a rationale for the exception, along with a full description of the work to be done and the time needed. The maximum stipend rate for a faculty member is $2500.
  • Stipends or honorariums for participation by Fordham faculty in panels, workshops, seminars and other such events are not allowable. 

Student Workers:

  • All student workers must be paid hourly. 2021-2022 rates are:
    • Undergraduate students: $15/hour 
    • GSAS Master’s students: $19/hour
    • GSAS PhD students: $21.40/hour
  • All funded GSAS students must receive permission from the GSAS Dean prior to accepting an hourly assignment. Approval of a budgeted line in a Challenge Grant proposal does not constitute approval for a particular student to receive an hourly assignment.
  • Fordham students (undergraduate and graduate) cannot work for the University in excess of 19 hours/week during the academic year.

Events and Honorariums:

  • In anticipation of the return to in-person activities in the fall of 2021, proposals may include travel, in-person events, and food. (Please refer to additional requirements below.)
  • Honorariums are capped at $300 per speaker.  
  • Proposals including in-person events, food, speakers, and travel must include contingency planning to respond to public health and safety guidance and offer the program remotely, if necessary. We recommend that speakers be asked for permission to record events, so that clips can be used in future versions of a course; speakers must give written permission to be recorded for future course use, and they have the right to refuse to be recorded.

Equipment, Computers, and Software:

  • While equipment, computer, and software purchases are allowable expenses, they must be purchased through the appropriate Fordham office. These expenses cannot be reimbursed. Faculty can work with their department administrative or clerical staff to place these orders through the appropriate Fordham office.

Accessing Your Award:

  • Funding will be transferred to the Department/Program/Center budget. Funds must be expended by June 30, 2022.
  • Work on the funded project may begin upon acceptance of the award and compliance with any conditions stated in the award notice. Instructions on how to accept the award will be provided in the award letter. Please do not delay the work of the project because the funding transfer has not been reflected in Banner Finance.
  • Faculty must report on the progress of their Faculty Challenge Grant project by May 31, 2022. A link to the final report template can be found in the award notice.
  • Contact Felicia Satchell at with any questions about your project funding.