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Instrument and Model Shop

The Fordham University Physics and Engineering Physics Department Instrument and Model Shop is located in Freeman Hall, Room B05, on the Rose Hill Campus. The shop is equipped with a variety of hand tools and power tools. Also in the shop, you will find machining tooling such as: a milling machine, lathe, band saw, drill press, grinder, sander, metal bending brake, etc.

The Model Shop is staffed by the Physics Department Technician Mr. John Connolly and is available for use to physics and engineering physics students, faculty, staff, and various University personnel for fabrications and/or repairs and construction of class projects.

Requests for shop use must be coordinated and scheduled with the Technician. Additionally, you must review the Safety Document below, sign the safety agreement, and return the latter to Mr. Connolly.

Shop Phone: 718-817-4187
Visit Shop Safety Document.
Visit Shop Safety Agreement