About Physics and Engineering Physics

We are a small department of nine full-time faculty members, a lecturer, and seven adjunct faculty, and we have nearly 100 undergraduates major in Physics or Engineering Physics. We prepare students for a wide variety of post-graduate outcomes, including technical careers, graduate school, professional schools, and more. See the "Alumni Corner" page for a constantly growing list of what our students do after leaving Fordham. We offer two distinct major programs of study (physics and engineering physics), a physics minor, and the opportunity for our majors to participate in the school's Honors Program. Program requirements and course descriptions can be found in our Course Bulletin or by contacting anyone in the department.

Our students participate in a wide variety of research both here at Fordham, as well as other schools. If you are interested in getting involved research here at Fordham, see the research opportunities.

Our department has a long history of interest in seismology. In fact, for a long time, the Fordham University Seismic Observatory was the only New York City area such observatory. While we do not currently have an active seismology group, the station continues to take data and sends it to a central repository.