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Group of Students Working around Lab Bench

General Chemistry Laboratory, JMH 120

The Chemistry Department, located in John Mulcahy Hall on the Rose Hill campus, offers both a major and minor in chemistry as well as comprehensive classroom and laboratory instruction in all sub‑topics chemistry.

Our research faculty investigate a broad range of topics, from nano‑materials to quantum theory, and provide opportunities for motivated undergraduates to participate hands‑on in basic and applied research.

Our program adheres to curriculum standards set by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and offers an ACS certified degree for students pursuing a career in chemistry. The department also actively supports a local chapter of Sigma Xi, the scientific research society.


Interconnected spheres depict career options open to chemistry majors.A chemistry degree will open vast career options to you. Medicine, academic research, manufacturing, scientific publishing, and science policy advising for government agencies are all possibilities. Chemists work toward sustainable energy sources, new medical treatments, and biodegradable plastics. Chemists invent new drugs, new functional materials, and even new colors.

Find the chemistry career that inspires you with this career guide from the Royal Society for Chemistry.

Meet our Alumni!

As a Fordham chemistry student, you can draw from impressive resources – including diverse research opportunities directly with faculty – to earn a degree that is invaluable to your future career. Many of our students go on to graduate programs in the sciences or medicine. Learn a bit about some notable alumni here:

Sara Hurley

  • Class of '18
  • Worked with Prof. Banerjee using drug-loaded nano-assemblies to target cancer cells.
  • Now studying at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

"My favorite day in the research lab was when I used fluorescence microscopy to see assemblies that I had synthesized attacking and killing cancer cells."

"Beyond learning about the science of chemistry and chemical research, through this experience I also learned how to be a researcher. I was able to publish research articles in scientific journals with my mentor and present at national conferences. In the future I hope to go into academic medicine, which involves both taking care of patients and carrying out clinical research."

Stacey Barnaby Ross, Ph.D.

  • Class of '11
  • Earned a Ph.D from Northwestern University in 2016.
  • Currently Scientist II at DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences in Palo Alto, CA. 

"I really enjoyed my time as a chemistry major at Fordham. I loved being part of a small, close-knit department where all the faculty and fellow students were rooting for each other to be successful."

"I really have two pieces of advice. First, if you are even remotely considering a career in research, join a lab ASAP. Don't be afraid to ask a professor if you’re interested in joining a lab or just looking to learn more about their research. Second, get to know your professors and classmates. They are all here to help you. If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out and get help....Science is truly a team sport, and you will be more successful and happy if you work with your fellow chemistry majors and professors instead of trying to succeed in isolation."

Looking for ChemDraw?ChemDraw logo is a green hexagon.

Fordham offers ChemDraw Pro at no cost to all Fordham students/faculty/staff.

  • Go to Fordham's site license page at CambridgeSoft.
  • Enter your Fordham email address ( and click on the SUBMIT button, then CONTINUE.
  • Register for PerkinElmer Informatics with your Fordham email address.
  • You will be redirected to the download links for ChemDraw Pro for either Windows or Mac. 
  • You will automatically receive an email with a serial number and registration code for both Windows and Mac downloads.
  • The license must be renewed yearly.

See the full instructions here.