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Quamrul Haider

Dr. HaiderProfessor of Physics
Freeman Hall, Room 206
Tel: 718-817-4177


PhD Physics, Indiana University at Bloomington
MS Physics, University of Illinois - Chicago
MS Physics, Dhaka University - Bangladesh
BS Physics, Dhaka University - Bangladesh


Professor Haider's interests encompass intermediate energy nuclear physics, with emphasis on formation of η-mesic nucleus, pion double-charge-exchange reactions and role of ρ-meson in nuclear physics. He predicted the existence of η-mesic nucleus which has been experimentally detected in 2008 by an international collaboration of experimental nuclear physicists in Juelich, Germany. Another area of his research is nuclear reactions, particularly fusion between two light nuclei at energies of astrophysical interest. He also studies the structure of elementary particles from the point of view of quark-gluon confinement inside a "Bag". He has authored numerous papers, some of which includes Fordham students as co-authors.


Prior to joining the faculty in 1988, Professor Haider was a research associate at Los Alamos (NM) and Lawrance Livermore (CA) National Laboratories.