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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I apply my AP credits toward History requirements?

A. The History Department receives notification regarding your AP exams and scores. AP credits in European History with a score of 4 or 5 can replace a 3000-level European history elective. AP credits in United States History with a score of 4 or 5 can replace a 3000-level American history elective. History majors can count only one AP credit.

Q. Who is my History advisor and when does he/she have office hours?

A. If you have declared a History major, the Undergraduate Chair will assign you an advisor. Please call 718-817-3925 to be connected with the current Undergraduate Chair, who will have the most recent list of advisors. Your advisor's name should appear on degree works.

Q. What about courses taken as part of a study abroad program?

A. History majors may submit 2 courses taken as part of Fordham's study abroad program. Students should make sure the undergraduate chair has approved each course before registering. These courses must have a substantial History component. If you are not a history major, you can use a Study Abroad course to substitute for your Advanced Disciplinary requirement, i.e., not the UHC course but the second humanities course. Please note that the History Department will only award credit for a total of two outside courses or exams; if students wish to claim credit for two Study Abroad courses, they will not be able to claim an AP credit for the major as well.

Q. Can I substitute an African American Studies course for my History major?

A. Yes, AFAM courses can be substituted in a History major as long as they have a History component.

Q. How do I substitute courses taken elsewhere before I transfer to Fordham?

A. Please contact the Assistant Dean for Transer Students, Erin Burke. Once your transferred courses appear in degree works you can coordinate with the undergraduate chair to substitute the courses for the appropriate requirements. Transfer courses can only count is they were taken at four year collleges.

Q. How do I enroll in a class if it's full?

A. In order to enroll in a class that is full you must have the written permission of the instructor teaching the course. Once you have the written permission you can contact the undergraduate chair and he/she will enroll you in the class.