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Job Opportunities for Dissertators

Careers for Historians
Careers for Students of History: an AHA publication that stresses the types of careers that those with a BA or MA in History are prepared to take on.  You can order your own copy or use the one in the History Department.
Academic Jobs:

Applying for a Job at a Liberal Arts College,” AHA Perspectives (2003)

Temping toward the Tenure Track,” AHA Perspectives (2008)

From Teaching Assistant to Tenure-Track Faculty” AHA Perspectives (2008)

Going to a Community College” AHA Perspectives (2008)
See Applying for an Academic Position(no link)
Jobs outside Academia

Aviso (The American Association of Museums)

Society of American Archivists, Employment Bulletin

National Council on Public History lists archival employment opportunities

Practical Advice on Getting a Public History Job,” AHA Perspectives (2006)

From Graduate School to Public History,” AHA Perspectives (2008)

Dispatch (The American Association for State and Local History) publishes employment opportunities at historical societies

Beyond Academe

See also “Beyond Academe: The Internet Gateway to Nonacademic Careers,” AHA Perspectives (2005)

Federal, State, and Local Government Jobs
Office of Personnel Management (Federal Government) lists jobs relating to historians, especially under “GS-170 Historian”

Society for History in the Federal Government provides a listserv offering information on conferences and employment possibilities in federal history.

See also A Directory of Federal Historical Programs and Activities (2009).

See also its 1992 publication, Historical Programs in the Federal Government: A Guide.

Looking for a Federal Job? Some Practical Advice,” AHA Perspectives (2006)
Local and State Government Jobs gives links to websites for local and state government jobs across the U.S.
“What Do Historians Do?” AHA Perspectives (1999)