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Sarah Grey


Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics
Director of the Linguistics program
SPRING 2023 Office hours (Rose Hill):
R: 1:00-3:00 pm, in Faber Hall 556.


BA and MA, Florida State University
PhD, Georgetown University


Psycholinguistics, applied linguistics, bilingualism.


Sarah Grey teaches Linguistics and Spanish courses and her research focuses on the neurocognition of adult second language acquisition (SLA) and bilingualism. Informed by multiple areas - including psycholinguistics, applied linguistics, and cognitive psychology- she uses behavioral and electrophysiological techniques to study adult language learning and bilingual language processing as well as the effects of cognitive, social, and biological individual differences on learning/processing. She directs the Linguistics Minor program at Fordham and is the director of the EEG laboratory for Language and Multilingualism Research. Her work has appeared in Bilingualism: Language and CognitionNeuropsychologiaThe Modern Language Journal and Studies in Second Language Acquisition. 





Selected Publications

Grey, S. (2020). What can artificial languages reveal about morphosyntactic processing in bilinguals? Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 23(1), 81-86. 

Grant, A., Grey, S., & van Hell, J.G. (2020). Male fashionistas and female football fans: Gender stereotypes affect neurophysiological correlates of semantic processingJournal of Neurolinguistics, 53, 100876. 

Grey, S. & Jackson, C.N. (2020). The effects of learners' perceptions and affective factors on L2 outcomesCanadian Modern Language Review, 76(1), 2-30. 

Grey, S., Schubel, L.C., McQueen, J.M., & van Hell, J.G. (2019). Processing foreign-accented speech in a second language: Evidence from ERPs during sentence comprehension in bilingualsBilingualism: Language and Cognition, 22(5), 912-929.