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Christine Fountain

Assistant Professor of Sociology (at Lincoln Center)

Office: Lowenstein 916B
Phone: 646-293-3959
Fax: 212-636-7153


BA, Wellesley College;
PhD, University of Washington

Research Interests

Economic Sociology, Social Network Analysis, Sociology of Autism.

Selected Publications (Articles)

Fountain, Christine & Katherine Stovel. Forthcoming. “Turbulent Networks: Social Capital, Employer Hiring Preferences and the Instability of Careers.” In G. Manzo (ed.). Analytical Sociology - Norms, Actions and Networks. John Wiley & Sons.

Fountain, Christine, Alix S. Winter & Peter Bearman. 2012. “Six Developmental Trajectories Characterize Children with Autism.” Pediatrics 129(5):1112-20.

Fountain, Christine and Peter Bearman. 2011. “Risk as Social Context: Immigration Policy and Autism in California.” Sociological Forum 26(2):215-40.

Fountain, Christine, Marissa D. King, and Peter S. Bearman. 2011. “Age of Diagnosis for Autism: Individual and Community Factors Across Ten Birth Cohorts.” Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 65:503-10.

Stovel, Katherine & Christine Fountain. 2009. “The Social Dynamics of Matching.” In P. Bearman and P. Hedström (eds.). Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology. Oxford University Press.

King, Marissa D., Christine Fountain, Diana Dakhlallah, and Peter S. Bearman. 2009. “Estimated Autism Risk and Older Reproductive Age.” American Journal of Public Health 99:1673-1679.

Fountain, Christine. 2005. “Finding a Job in the Internet Age.” Social Forces 83(3): 1235-62.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Basic Research Methods
  • Economic Sociology