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The Economics Department at Fordham University is composed of a dynamic community of scholars who strive to provide the highest quality instruction to our graduate and undergraduate students, produce innovative and cutting-edge research, and propel the discipline forward through leadership and service in professional communities. 

Why Economics?  Economics is the study of how individuals, businesses, and governments choose to allocate resources to best satisfy their needs and objectives. The discipline draws from history, political science, philosophy and mathematics to examine a wide range of topics, such as :

  • Public debates about economic policy such taxation, government expenditure, trade and globalization
  • The trade-offs and dynamics between unemployment and inflation 
  • How markets function, and what are the factors that influence interest rate setting and stock pricing 
  • The development and growth of the economy, health and welfare

The field offers students a clear and concise way of thinking about the ordinary business of life as well as preparation for a wide array of professional careers. Indeed, the demand for economics majors is strong in the private sector and government, and growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an employment growth of 14 percent for economists from 2019 to 2029. Not only is it excellent preparation for careers in business, non-profits, finance and government organizations, but it also serves as a stepping stone towards graduate study in business, law, public policy, and economics.

Our expected learning outcomes center around imbuing students with the analytical tools and intuitive skills they need for the next phase of their careers. This is supported by the wide breadth of research our faculty specialize in, which include topics such as macroeconomics, applied microeconomics, development, international economics, econometrics, financial economics, game theory, monetary economics, and microeconomic theory. 

We offer undergraduate majors in Economics, Mathematics and Economics, and International Political Economy, as well as a number of minors, a one year M.A. Program, and a part-time and a fully-funded full-time Ph.D. program.


Fall 2020: Following guidance from Fordham University and New York State, the Economics Department is running under a revised schedule of operations aimed at adhering to social distancing guidelines.

September 2020: We are excited to welcome a new faculty member as an Assistant Professor of Economics. Pablo Schenone joins us from the California Institute of Technology and the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. A theorist, Dr. Schenone’s research spans decision theory, game theory, networks, and matching. Learn more about Dr. Schenone!

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